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The manufacturer Wellis Whirlpools was founded as long ago as 2003 and is among the pioneers of the wellness sector in Europe. It is based in Dabas in Hungary.

The roots of Wellis Whirlpools lie in the import and export of wellness products, The company's founders quickly realised how the quality of the products on the market could be increased. Based on these many years of experience and the valuable feedback from its customers, the company set up its own production site for whirlpool baths, bathtubs and massage pools in 2010.

Wellis has therefore succeeded in bringing a steadily growing number of whirlpool innovations to market at ever shorter intervals.

Wellis Whirlpool Bath


Wellness in your home

The pace of life is fast today. High achievement is expected at work every day. Time to regain your balance and slow down is therefore increasingly important. Relax your mind and body – lose all sense of time; enjoy an evening bathe in your Wellis whirlpool bath, alone or in company.

The development engineers at Wellis have succeeded in combining the experience of the old Far Eastern massage culture with the results of modern western hydrotherapy in their Wellis whirlpool baths and tubs. The result: the optimal massage experience.

Wellis Whirlpool Bath Location


Wellis whirlpool baths - quality made in the EU

Wellis Whirlpools has appointed specialists to research and test the best production options for whirlpool baths. The aim was to achieve the best possible quality with optimal cost efficiency. Protecting the environment also played an important part in this. Today Wellis Whirlpools has one of the most modern whirlpool factories in the world. Special robots handle the most important tasks and ensure consistently high quality.

The factory hall covers 7,000 square metres and is highly efficient – the innovative production technology also ensures this.

Wellis Whirlpool Bath Manufacturing


Wellis has set up a robot-controlled system that exceeds the speed and precision of manual processing many times over. ABB and SIRTEK robots, which enjoy a high reputation throughout the world, are used here. They work with a precision of ± 0.06-0.08 mm.

All of the baths from Wellis Whirlpools are reinforced with polyurethane in the factory. This provides you with numerous advantages:

• Excellent sound insulation
• Very good heat insulation properties, which minimises energy consumption
• Better environmental compatibility: in contrast to processes that work with fibreglass, no harmful styrene solvent emissions are created during polyurethane processing
• Meets all standards of the European Union.



A Wellis whirlpool bath is high-tech. The latest jet technology, robust electrics and durable materials – experience the professionalism of a manufacturing process in which nothing is left to chance.

Wellis Whirlpools provides us all with a glimpse behind the scenes.

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Wellis going green

Protection of the environment is more important than ever – and Wellis also identifies with this important idea. Various measures ensure that it is put into practice and many Wellis whirlpool baths are particularly energy-efficient to make and operate.

Wellis Whirlpool Baths Catalogue


Wellis Whirlpools at Whirlpools World

The innovative, high-quality whirlpool baths from Wellis Whirlpools are available at Whirlpools World. Through our close cooperation, we keep the prices attractive and we are happy to pass this on to the customer.


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