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Folgendes Feld bitte frei lassen!
Folgendes Feld bitte frei lassen!

Viking Spas

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In the early1970s, Viking Spas developed the first affordable, portable, round whirlpool bath. Today, Vikings Spas is the whirlpool bath brand for fans of the American dream. All of the key components of a Viking Spas whirlpool bath are made in the USA or come from US suppliers.

The press has awarded Viking Spas whirlpool baths the highest ratings. Only since 2012 have the whirlpool baths also been available outside the USA - namely in Germany and Spain, through Whirlpools World.

Viking Spas Whirlpool Bath


Outdoor whirlpool baths from Viking Spas Whirlpools

The whirlpool bath trend has washed over Europe like a wave from the USA in recent decades. The classic whirlpool spa comes from America and has won over hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts.

Whether it's to release stress after work every day or to relax with friends or family, your Viking Spas whirlpool bath promotes health and creates a unique feeling of wellness.


Thanks to its innovative approach, Viking Spas was able to bring a new development onto the market in 2011 under the name SOFT-TOUCH - the first non-slip surface in a whirlpool tub.

Since then, all Viking Spas whirlpool baths have been coated with the SOFT-TOUCH surface, which also makes it easier to get in and out. This makes it feel good and safe. The ergonomic seats fit comfortably around your body while the jets help to break down stress and release muscle tension.

Viking Spas Factory


What sets Viking Spas apart

Since it was founded, Viking Spas has been guided by two key ideas: quality and safety. These values are reflected in each individual part and each individual whirlpool bath.

Production focuses on efficiency and simplicity. On the one hand, this lowers the price, while on the other, the lack of complexity minimises the likelihood of repairs being necessary. Models from Viking Spas are thus among the whirlpool baths requiring the least maintenance.

The Research and Development department at Viking Spas is now already concentrating on the next innovations to consolidate the company's position as a leader in technology.

Viking Spas Award


Viking Spas whirlpool baths are among the most popular in the USA. The reputable magazine "Consumers Digest" tested the "Supreme" range and rated Viking Pools in its highest category of "Best Buy". The expert are certain of one thing: Viking Spas are pools for any budget and any family.

Viking Spas Cooperation with Whirlpools World


The American Way of whirlpool baths
at Whirlpools World

America is regarded as the pioneer in the field of whirlpool baths. You too can now benefit from the experience in the USA. Whirlpools World imports Viking Spas whirlpool baths directly from the manufacturer. This means easy communication and low prices for you.

Enjoy the American Way of whirlpool baths in Spain now!


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