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Alps Spas

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Alps Spas is based in Atlanta, Georgia / USA and has been developing whirlpool baths of the very highest quality for over 20 years. What sets them apart: the Alps Spas experts have taken advice from doctors in achieving the optimal positioning and adjustment of the jets to target various parts of the body.

All whirlpool baths from Alps Spas are very cost-effective and energy-efficient. The many years of experience of the American manufacturer guarantee the best whirlpool experience – in line with the company's philosophy of always offering the customer more than he or she expects.

Alps Spas Whirlpool Baths


Alps Spas whirlpool baths - extremely well-rounded

The rounded edges make whirlpool baths from Alps Spas unique in the industry  -  for accomplished design that looks good in any location.

Alps Spas Factory


State-of-the-art whirlpool baths

Alps Spas Whirlpools operates two factories near Atlanta, Georgia. Their production area covers a total of 25,000 square metres. However, it was never an aim of Alps Spas to become the largest whirlpool bath manufacturer - just the best.

Unlike any other manufacturer, Alps Spas does not produce its whirlpool baths to keep in stock. As a result, it does not need a large warehouse capacity and does not build up old stock. The customer always gets a whirlpool bath that is state-of-the-art.

Alps Spas Whirlpools Bath Manufacturing


Whirlpool baths from Alps Spas are made of galvanised steel and are therefore particularly strong and weather-resistant. A special coating is also applied to protect them against the sun.

Whirlpool baths from Alps Spas are reinforced with an ABS coating before the shell is deep drawn. This approach prevents any potential delamination of the whirlpool bath and avoids the release of any poisonous gases. Energy loss is counteracted by a heat reflection plate in the cladding.

Spas from Alps Spas also have outstanding insulation thanks to an additional layer of insulating foam. This foam prevents leaks, reduces the noise level of the jets and provides additional support for the air and water jets – all features that make the models from Alps Spas particularly energy-efficient and user-friendly whirlpool baths.


The Alps Spas Whirlpools manufacturing process has been perfected over the years and is largely automated. The result: high processing quality, durable materials and cost-efficiency for outstanding value for money.

Pay a multimedia visit to the Alps Spas whirlpool factory on the right.

Alps Spas Cooperation with mit Whirlpools World SPAIN


Alps Spas whirlpool baths at Whirlpools World

Alps Spas whirlpool baths are very popular with customers because of their exclusive features. These whirlpool baths should therefore always be available from any leading whirlpool bath dealer. In addition, Whirlpools World has secured the exclusive distribution rights for Germany and Spain. You can therefore find expert advice on Alps Spas whirlpool baths, Alps Spas accessories and all of the appropriate whirlpool maintenance products under one roof.


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