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Whirlpools World
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Alps Spas Whirlpool Bath
Alps Spas Flagge USA

Alps Spas has been developing whirlpool baths of the highest quality for over 20 years. What sets them apart: the Alps Spas experts have taken advice from doctors in achieving the optimal positioning and adjustment of the jets to target various parts of the body. Moreover, whirlpool baths from Alps Spas are very cost-effective and energy-efficient. The many years of experience of the American manufacturer guarantee the best whirlpool experience – in line with the company's philosophy of always offering the customer more than he or she expects.

California Cooperage Whirlpool Bath
California Cooperage Flagge USA

California Cooperage can build on over 40 years of experience in the production of whirlpool baths. In 1972, California Cooperage created its first range of redwood hot tubs for relaxation, romantic moments and sheer fun. These hot tubs became the jewel in many a Californian back yard and redefined the meaning of the word relaxation.

Elite Spas Whirlpools
Elite Spas Flagge USA

Throughout North America, Elite spas have earned the trust and confidence of costumers. Finally their whirlpool baths are available in Europe as well - exclusively at Whirlpools World! Clients of Whirlpools World can rest assured: Your new Elite Spas whirlpool bath will be everything you expect - built for maximum durability and years of worry-free operation..

MAAX Spas Whirlpool Bath
MAAX Spas Flagge Niederlande

MAAX Spas was founded in 1969 and quickly developed into one of the leading manufacturers of whirlpool baths. As a result of many years of experience with modern fibreglass and metal alloys, MAAX Spas whirlpool baths have become a synonym for durability and innovation. The company's aim: maximum whirlpool luxury for the optimal whirlpool experience for you.

Viking Spas Whirlpool Bath
Viking Spas Flagge USA

Vikings Spas is the whirlpool bath brand for fans of the American dream. All of the key components of a Viking Spas whirlpool bath are made in the USA or come from US suppliers. The press has awarded Viking Spas whirlpool baths the highest ratings. Only since 2012 has it been possible to buy the whirlpool baths outside the USA, too.

Wellis Whirlpool Bath
Wellis Flagge Ungarn

The manufacturer Wellis Whirlpools was founded as long ago as 2003 and is among the pioneers in the wellness sector in Europe. It is based in Dabas in Hungary. A Wellis whirlpool bath is high-tech: the latest jet technology, robust electronics and durable materials.

Whirlcare Flagge Deutschland

The manufacturer Whirlcare provides you with whirlpool baths of the highest quality in Germany. What makes these whirlpool baths special is their therapeutic approach: the priority is not just providing whirlpool pleasure, but promoting health and increasing well-being above all.