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Whirlpools World
Telephone: 0034 966 498 146

Folgendes Feld bitte frei lassen!
Folgendes Feld bitte frei lassen!


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Indoor whirlpool  baths for whirlpool fun in your own home

We sell both outdoor and indoor whirlpool baths - and as the  name suggests, the indoor whirlpool baths in our range are not positioned outside, but inside your own four walls.

Would your prefer an indoor whirlpool bath or have you not made up your mind yet? Indoor whirlpool baths offer exactly the same benefits as outdoor. Along with the installation position, the only difference is often the size of an indoor whirlpool bath, as they are often smaller than outdoor models. After all, space inside the house is often significantly more limited than it is outside and an indoor whirlpool bath must be set up in a room that gets wet – not in a living room or bedroom, for example.  The special feature of some indoor whirlpool baths: they are made to fit through a standard door.

Indoor Whirlpools von Whirlpools World

The advantages for you at Whirlpools World

Whirlpools World is unique in Spain. It is a centre for all fans of indoor whirlpool baths. There are some good reasons for this:

  •    Specialist expertise in indoor whirlpool baths
  •    Individual advice
  •    Excellent value for money
  •    Certified security when buying
  •    Fast delivery
  •    Convenient service: installation and set-up
  •    A passion for whirlpool baths


Reliable service & expert advice

Do you have any questions about indoor whirlpool baths? Our experts will be happy to help you by phone on 0034 966 498 146 or via our contact form!


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