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Wellness Glossary

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Wellness Glossary


We explain to you the technical terms relating to wellness, whirlpool baths and spas from A to Z. If you still have questions about any of the terms or any matters relating to whirlpool baths, you can contact us at any time – we will be happy to help.

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Air blower

Air blowers are fans that operate with a high airflow and pressure in the water and thereby create pleasant air bubbles in it.

Air controller

The air controller is used to set the pressure of the massage from the jets. For a more powerful massage, more air is simply added as this strengthens the water jet. The air controller is usually on the edge of the tub.

Air pump

Air pumps in whirlpool baths are there to suck up the water that is then ejected through the air jets. The result is many tiny water bubbles - an important part of a water massage.


Alkalinity protects the whirlpool water from fluctuations in pH value. As a result of these fluctuations, the water in the whirlpool  bath can become corrosive and harmful to the whirlpool and its users. An alkaline value between 80 and 120 mg/l is just right.


With aromatherapy, the whirlpool bath experience is enhanced with pleasant fragrances – either from bath essences or with special aromatherapy capsules that are used in chambers in the whirlpool bath and release their scents through the jets. With natural fragrance ingredients and essential oils, aromatherapy is an effective way to provide body and mind with additional pleasures when using your whirlpool bath.




The Balboa corporation is the market leader in the field of digital controls for whirlpool baths and swim spas. The company is based in the USA, but its control panels have found their way around the whole world and are popular everywhere.



Bromine is a chemical element that is classified as a halogen. It is often used as a disinfectant, as it is milder than chlorine. However,it can also cause skin irritations and reduce the effectiveness of other disinfectants. Special water treatments such as Renew or SpaBalancer UltraShock can sort this out.



Circulation pump

There is a circulation pump in every whirlpool bath – and its function is always the same: it filters the water – and it does so permanently, even when the whirlpool bath is not in use.


Chlorine is still one of the most widely used disinfectants in water treatment. Its use has some drawbacks, however, such as the typical smell, the need to maintain the optimal ->pH value, the rapid decline in its effectiveness and eye and skin irritations.


In chromotherapy or coloured light therapy, colours are used to enhance well-being. Small lights are integrated into the whirlpool bath – above or below the water line as you wish – and these enhance your whirlpool pleasure with a wide range of colours.  Different colours help with a wide range of complaints, such as blue for headaches and green for those who have trouble sleeping.

Coloured light therapy

See -> Chromotherapy.

Counter-current system

Counter-current systems are used in swimming pools and swim spas to generate a counter-current. This makes it possible to complete swimming training in pools of any sort, as you simply swim against the current generated – almost on the spot, without ever reaching the edge of the pool.


The heat in whirlpool baths rises to the top and escapes into the surrounding air if it is not kept in. A cover can help in this regard - it is the easiest way to store heat in your whirlpool bath. It should be part of the standard equipment for every whirlpool owner as it not only prevents heat loss from the water, but also provides effective protection against dirt, including leaves and insects.

Cover lift

With a cover lift, any ->whirlpool bath cover becomes child's play to pull back, store and replace over the whirlpool bath when it is not in use. With this useful aid, a whirlpool cover can also be operated by one person.







Fitness and wellness go hand in hand, especially in the area of swim spas. It is easy to keep fit with water exercise. But using saunas, infra-red cabins and whirlpools also improves fitness, as they strengthen the immune system and facilitate higher sporting achievement.




Hot tub

The  term hot tub comes from the English-speaking world and was originally used for (wooden) tubs filled with water that could be heated – effectively a hot bath in the open air, usually in a back yard. Nowadays, the term hot tub is often used synonymously with whirlpool bath.


Hydrotherapy s a generic term for curative therapies using water. Complaints of all sorts can be eased in this way - in the specific case of hydrotherapy in whirlpool baths, the benefits relate to the water massage provided by baths that relieve tension and stress.



Infra-red cabin

Like saunas, infra-red cabins provide heat therapy: infra-red lamps are built into the wooden cabins and produce similar effects for users as Finnish saunas. The key difference lies in the type of heat, as a result of the special infra-red radiation.

Infra-red radiation

Infra-red radiation is a specific type of heat radiation: it consists of electromagnetic waves that trigger feelings of heat and are invisible to the human eye. Infra-red radiation penetrate the skin through surface atoms and lead to better circulation there. Their areas of application are very varied; they are used, for example, in medicine, photography and art.


The insulation in a whirlpool bath is just as important as it is in a building: it ensures that as little heat is lost from the bath as possible. Good insulation is therefore of benefit in terms both of cost and energy balance. Various types of foam are used for insulation and it is covered by the cladding.



Jacuzzi is the brand name of the whirlpool bath manufacturer Jacuzzi. However, the name is now frequently used both in the English-speaking and the German-speaking world as a synonym for whirlpool bath.


The Jacuzzi Outlet was the initial precursor of today's Whirlpools World family and is located in Moraira on Spain's Costa Blanca. Since 2013, it has been known as Jacuzzi Outlet Whirlpools World.


Jets make whirlpool baths what they are: bubble baths with something extra. They make the water bubble in the whirlpool bath and thus provide beneficial massage effects. The wide variety of jet types deliver the full range of body massages: from specific points to large areas, from powerful and targeted to gentle and stimulating, the jets integrated into whirlpool baths always have something to make spa owners happy.





Limescale is a great enemy of all whirlpool enthusiasts: if nothing is done to counteract it, it builds up in the pipes and on the walls of the whirlpool bath and its jets, which not only looks unsightly but can also lead to repairs having to be carried out to the essential whirlpool components, such as pumps and heaters. SpaBalancer, for example, helps to prevent this.



Magnetic jet

A brand new technology in the field of precision massage technology that can be built into whirlpool baths: magnetic jets all sit in the back area and contain small pins that users can regulate themselves – and thus control the  strength of their back massage. The intensity of the back massage depends on the pressure exerted on the pins. Your massage has an agreeable "throb" and it also has an effect on the deeper muscle tissue.


Massages are used to positive effect on the muscles and skin. A water massage, which is provided by swirling water and special jets, has the same reviving effect as traditional massages.

Massage pumps

Massage pumps control the intensity of the water massage – the more powerful the pump, the more powerful the massage. They pump water through the massage jets.

Micro Silk

Massage pumps control the intensity of the water massage – the more powerful the pump, the more powerful the massage. They pump water through the massage jets.




Overflow channel

The overflow channel catches any whirlpool water that overflows. In whirlpool baths, such channels are usually only found in round models that are entirely sunken into the ground. n eingelassenen Modellen.


As a natural disinfectant, ozone keeps the whirlpool water and the pipe systems hygienically clean. It is an odour-free and usually colourless gas that can be used as an oxidation agent. Ozone destroys micro-organisms in the water within seconds.



An ozonator is a system that provides additional water disinfection using  ->ozone.  This ozone generator has a disinfectant and anti-bacterial effect on the whirlpool water.



pH value

The pH value indicates the level of acid in a fluid. The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. The median of 7 is neutral and is the optimal value for water. There are various water treatment agents for regulating the pH value.

Portable Spa

Portable spas are whirlpool baths that can be moved if necessary and thus can be taken with you whenever you move house. This is more difficult in whirlpool baths with an overflow channel, ->sand filters and many special features, which is why portable spas are best for private use.


Pulsar is an optional massage system that can be built in to whirlpool baths of the Wellis brand. The control unit of the system can be used to select your preferred programme individually from a choice of nine programmes. In addition, the speed and duration of the massage programme can be adjusted as required. As a result, each whirlpool bath can be tailor-made.




Recirculation pump

The recirculation pump is an important component of the heating system in a whirlpool bath. Cooled water is pumped through it and heated; at the same time, hot water is moved into the internal tub of the whirlpool bath. Thanks to this circulation, the whirlpool water always stays nice and hot.


Sand filter

Sand filters are used primarily in whirlpool baths in the commercial sector,such as hotels or thermal baths. They are not suitable for whirlpool baths or ->portable spas in the domestic sector as they have to be set up outside the whirlpool bath. As a result, a whirlpool bath could not be moved or only at considerable cost. Sand filter systems work with very fine filter sand and replace the anti-bacterial filters of portable spas.


Saunas are hot baths that create feelings of well-being and relaxation in users as a result of heavy sweating. Often the term sauna is understood to mean the Finnish sauna, which is the most popular and best known type of sauna. Other types of sauna include infra-red saunas, steam baths and helariums.

Scandinavian insulation

With Scandinavian insulation, any outdoor whirlpool bath can be operated cost-efficiently and energy-efficiently even in the cold winter months. It is characterised by multi-layer polyfoam sheets, insulation under the edges and between the base and the cladding, and is also unusually thick in the side cladding.

Shower panel

Special shower panels can turn any standard shower into a real highlight: they come with a wide range of functions and in many different shapes and designs.


A spa is a promise of relaxation and well-being. The word's origin has never been clarified entirely – there are two theories: that it comes from the phrase "sanus per aquam" or from a well-known Belgium town with the name of Spa, which is known for the healing properties of its baths and its outstanding water quality all over the world. Whichever is the case: the spa as a wellness institution is based on the element of water. The term "spa" is a synonym for whirlpool bath, along with hot tub and jacuzzi. Spas are also frequently temples of wellness of all sorts.


Swim spas are a mixture of whirlpool and narrow swimming pools with a counter-current system. They combine all of the advantages of a whirlpool bath with more space and the opportunity to exercise. The clever concept of the counter-current system allows you to swim on the spot without drifting off in another direction.






UV lamps are perfect for water treatment without chemicals. UV-C water treatment systems treat the whirlpool water several times a day automatically, which means that the use of chemical agents for water treatment can be reduced significantly.  Viruses and bacteria are killed off almost entirely by the UV-C radiation. This water disinfection method is also hypo-allergenic and therefore causes no problems if children also use the whirlpool bath.



Water treatment

Water treatment is the term used for keeping water clean in pool systems. It is also essential in whirlpool baths to keep the tub, its equipment and its water free from germs, deposits and algae formation. In our shop, we offer all of the products you need to make optimal water treatment possible.

Whirlpool bath

Whirlpool baths are large tubs or pools filled with water and equipped with various jets. They are used for relaxation and recuperation, they are good for your health and are also ideal for preventing illness. You can find detailed information about whirlpool baths here.


Whirltubs are bathtubs that are equipped with massage jets. In contrast to ->whirlpool baths, the water is let out of them after bathing once.



X-treme Cover

The X-treme cover is a particularly thick and effective ->whirlpool bath cover, which keeps the temperature of the water in outdoor whirlpool baths at a constant level even when the temperature falls below zero in winter. A special foam, which is surrounded externally by UV-resistant cladding made of artificial leather, provides heat insulation.