Fitness is important for your health. Those who take regular exercise can effectively prevent many diseases – including strokes, osteoporosis and even cancer. Although most people are aware of this, the couch potato inside all of us often wins through. Why take exercise when you can lie on the sofa?

There is one option that effectively wards off the threat of illness and requires very little effort: exercise in water. For us this is, of course, an important issue, which is why we also offer solutions for those interested in wellness who also want to work on their fitness. We are very pleased that the German daily newspaper "Die Welt" recently addressed this topic. In its article "Aqua-fitness more effective than endurance training" in mid-August, its editorial staff describe the advantages of exercise in cool or even hot water in detail. The reader discovers right at the start of the article that water gymnastics burns more calories than jogging on land, for example. The water pressure has a positive effect on the metabolism and the cardiovascular system when exercising. Sport in water is also significantly kinder to the joints – which may be of particular interest to joggers. At the same time, it is just as easy to jog in water. Although you don't get far, it is not just your knees that will be grateful. The reason: in water, your body bears only about 10% of its own weight – on land, of course, it carries the full 100%. Water exercise is therefore ideal for those who are overweight, and not only when they are starting to exercise. The water resistance requires more energy than would be required on land and is therefore particularly effective at promoting endurance and muscle-building. Moreover, the body puts greater efforts into avoiding cooling down. The effect: the metabolism increases and so does the rate at which calories are burnt.

We think this sounds pretty good. And our swim spas enable you to put it into practice very easily. You can relax in the whirlpool bath area – or boost your health and take some exercise. There is enough space for it all. You can choose whether you want to swim against the counter-current, jog in the water, do gymnastics or strengthening and stretching exercises. And you can do so whenever and as often as you like.

You can really go for it in our spacious swim spas and then take a relaxing whirlpool bath. If the desire for relaxation is significantly stronger, we recommend one of our whirlpool baths. Powerful jets and efficient pumps will take you on a wellness holiday in your own home.