Whenever you use a whirlpool bath, the ambience plays a part, too – palm trees, cocktails, a beautiful garden design or interior furnishings. The finishing touch is added by the right music. Of course, everyone has their own preferences here, but if you are looking for deep relaxation, you should avoid fast, thumping rhythms. Perhaps it would be better to leave your hard rock in the cupboard during your wellness sessions - classical music, for example, is a much better idea, especially on relaxation CDs.

These are now available in our range – both at our outlet in Deißlingen-Lauffen and online here. You really do have a wide range to choose from, as we have something for every taste – whether it's yoga music, African tunes or music for romantic moments.

Would you just like to relax, switch off and take all of the pressure out of your everyday life? That's our main aim and with our relaxation music we can help you to do so. Try out Wellness & Dreams, for example, or Top Hits for Relaxation.

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