We are delighted to present our latest products to you here: Germany's first whirlpool bath for the elderly, the Honos model. In addition to the usual jets, we have used water locks that enable our customers of more advanced years to enjoy whirlpool baths, too.

With the Honos, taking a whirlpool bath is even more agreeable – especially for those who are nervous about getting into a whirlpool bath because of a physical disability. The Honos is one of the leading innovations in whirlpool baths for 2014 and is a so-called walk-in model. Unlike standard whirlpool bath models, users do not climb into the bath but can walk into it very easily. This is the ideal solution for anyone who has difficulty walking or foot or joint conditions. The risk of slipping is also reduced significantly with the Honos, as the water is only allowed into the entrance area when you are already in it.

We know that many of our customers will like this. After all, feeling safe is also part of the whirlpool experience – especially when you are getting on in years. But the Honos offers plenty more. 60 jets, two seats and an especially wide lounger provide comfortable water massages, while you can immerse your whirlpool baths in wonderful colours with the integrated aromatherapy system.

Getting into the whirlpool bath works as follows:

You open the first door from the outside and make yourself comfortable on the seat provided – there is still no water in this part of the bath. Only when you open the connecting door does the water enter the front section of the whirlpool bath. When you are ready, you can then move into the main whirlpool bath area. When you want to leave the whirlpool bath, the water is pumped out of the intermediate section automatically and you can exit easily and safely.

Would you like to find out more about the Honos model  and even try it out?  You will find it here in our online shop. Or contact us directly, we will be happy to help you  with your questions.