Sanus per aquam – health through water. A saying that has existed since ancient times and has not lost any of its relevance today. Quite the contrary: there have never been more ways of keeping healthy and fit and looking good by using water.

Anyone who is at home in the world of water is aware of the relaxation and sense of well-being that the pleasing word "spa" brings with it. Its origin has never been clarified entirely – there are two theories: that it comes from the phrase "sanus per aquam" mentioned above or from a well-known Belgium town with the name of Spa, which is known for the healing properties of its baths and its outstanding water quality all over the world. Whichever is the case: the spa as a wellness institution depends on water – without it, all that is left of a stay at a spa is the cosmetic treatments. Creativity and enthusiasm know no bounds in water – swimming, taking whirlpool baths, Kneipp therapy, bathing, treading water ... the options for using water for pleasure, wellness and health seem endless.

The basis for maintaining your health with water is: drinking it! Drinking plenty is important and what could be more natural than water? Healthy, refreshing and with no calories – the perfect thirst-quencher. A fact often asserted but consistently ignored by many is that the body needs fluid to function properly. If you feel thirsty, it is usually too late - you should therefore make sure that you drink regularly and not only when you feel thirsty. The usual recommendation is at least two litres of water a day; more if you like and always if it's hot or you are exercising! The reason is simple: water performs important functions in the human body. Water is essential for a strong metabolism, healthy kidney function, detoxification of the body and transport of oxygen to the cells. There are good reasons why a common piece of advice for alleviating a headache is to drink water – most organs of our body, including the brain, need water for normal "operation".  Various treatment such as Kneipp therapies are based on the healing powers of water. For example, the optimal pH value for the skin of 5.5 can be achieved by taking special baths – thereby fighting skin diseases such as neurodermatitis. Water also ensures that the skin is firm and well supplied with blood and it counteracts wrinkles – the difference is visible immediately. The skin quickly appears flat and seems to age when fluid is lost.

Water is an elixir of life that we neglect all too often. It boosts our quality of life and helps us to relax – benefits that can be found in spas both outside and inside your own home. There are many ways of enjoying water in your own home, including a refreshing shower, a relaxing bath, a reviving whirlpool bath or a swim in your own swim spa.

At your WWS, too, everything revolves around water – we do our best to bring all the powers of water with its wonderful properties closer to you with our whirlpool baths and swim spas. Use bubbling, reviving water for your health and beauty. We enjoy keeping you up to date with all the important news relating to water and wellness in our blog!