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Folgendes Feld bitte frei lassen!
Folgendes Feld bitte frei lassen!

Water Treatment

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The highest water quality with water treatment from Whirlpools World

The quality of the water is an important factor in using your whirlpool bath. The right water treatment is therefore essential. If you neglect water treatment, the consequences will be unpleasant in the long term: limescale deposits, skin irritations, an unpleasant smell and cloudy water are the possible consequences of inadequate water treatment.

Whirlpool bath water is  a good source for bacteria, fungi and algae. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your whirlpool bath are therefore essential to keep your water hygienically clean. Simple tests of the whirlpool bath water allow you to check its quality quickly. With the water treatment products from your Whirlpools World, the ideal values are easy to maintain.

We keep a wide range of products for whirlpool water treatment: we have found the best methods of water treatment for you and they are available to buy both online and from our sales outlet. We will be happy to give you detailed advice on water treatment and water cleaning.

Whirlpool bath Water treatment

The benefits to you at Whirlpools World

What we have to offer at Whirlpools World is unique in Europe.  There are various reasons for this:

  •    A  high level of expertise in whirlpool baths and water treatment
  •    Individual advice
  •    Excellent value for money
  •    Certified security when making a purchase
  •    Fast delivery
  •    Convenient service: Connection and set-up
  •    A passion for whirlpool baths


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